• What actually keeps the socks on?
    Inside the cuff of each sock there are silicone lines which add grip to your child's leg, helping keep them in place and not fall down. This is similar to the grippers you'll find on the bottom of the socks which help grip the floor.

  • I see squiggly lines on my child's leg when I take the socks off - is this normal?
    Yes this is totally normal! You may notice slight temporary indents or pressure marks from the cuff grippers on their skin after a day of wearing the socks, which is normal. We have had tiny product testers of all shapes and sizes wearing them for months, and no issues have been found! The indents will quickly fade from their leg once the socks are off. We personally don't suggest wearing them overnight though because we like to let our feet breathe!

  • My child is allergic to silicone - can they still wear these socks?
    Our socks aren't for every single child. If you have any concerns about your child and potential silicone allergies, we recommend you speak to your doctor for more advice. 

  • What material are the socks made from?
    Our socks are made from Pima Cotton, which is a high-end cotton that has a longer fibre compared to conventional cotton, which gives it a reputation for being soft to the touch and wrinkle-resistant - perfect for your little one! 

  • Where are the socks made?
    We have thoughtfully designed the socks in Canada, and have them produced with love and care by a skilled team at an ethical facility in Peru. 
  • How do I know what size to order?
    You can estimate based off your child's age, or refer to our sizing chart here. 

  • How do we wash nolo socks?
    In A Perfect World: Pin socks together, machine wash on delicate and cold water, dry flat.
    In A Parent's World: Machine wash cold with like colours, tumble dry low 

  • My little one was able to pull their nolo socks off ... what the heck?
    You can pat yourself on the back in this case as you have one smart kiddo! Our socks are designed to help keep socks on wiggly babies and busy toddlers, however once your little one gets into 2T-4T sizing, they may be clever or determined enough to get them off. They may realize pulling from the cuff instead of toe works, or they simply have brute strength from eating all their vegetables! 

  • I ordered 2 different colours of socks in the same size, but they look to be slightly different sizes? 
    This may be possible as the dye process for each colour happens at different times, and the resulting stretch of the knit may vary up to 20% between colour lots. Once you wash them and if you dry them as per a parent's world using the dryer, you shouldn't notice as much of a difference. If you are still concerned, please send us a note and we are happy to work with you to find a solution!