• Grow With Me Cuffs

    Our Playsuit has 4 inch grow with me pant cuffs and 3.5 inch grow with me sweater sleeve cuffs which means this outfit will grow with your little one! We recommend buying a size up and rolling the cuffs back until they grow into them.

  • Adjustable Drawstring

    Have you ever put a pair of pants on your little one only to discover the drawstring is just decoration? We have and we know it's frustrating, so we designed an adjustable drawstring to make our pants fit any size waist.

  • Sweater Belly Band

    Exclusively unique to our Toddler Playsuit, the thoughtfully designed *belly band* will keep little tummies and backs warm. The belly band is designed to tuck into the oh-so-soft tencel cotton joggers, it will keep their tummies covered in all types of play.

The Socks That Started It All

Our patent pending stay-on socks are LOVED by parents, grandparents, caregivers, daycares and kiddos themselves! The magic is inside the cuff and keeps feet happy and warm, all day long!