No Lost Socks

The socks that actually stay up and on all day long.

Nolo is the answer to children's lost socks and cold feet by providing thoughtfully designed socks that stay on and feel good.

Finally, socks that stay on!

Nolo socks gives you two less things to worry about on any given day - because both of your little one's socks will stay on all day long thanks to our proprietary technology inside the sock cuff.

Why choose us?

They Work.

Our socks actually stay on, so you no longer have to search for that missing sock that your little one wriggled or pulled off.

Ethically Made.

We are a socially responsible business, and we expect the same of our partners. Our socks are proudly made at a fair wage manufacturer in Peru.

Softer Socks.

Our socks are made with Pima Cotton, a softer, more breathable, and more sustainable material than the average cotton socks.

We're Parents, too.

We know first hand the struggle to keep socks on your little one, and seeing our little guy always missing a sock was our motivation to change the sock game for little ones everywhere.

Check them out here!

Matchy Matchy Nolos

We heard your feedback and designed this *limited edition collection* of Nolos with matching colour silicone grippers. Get them while they last!