Our Story

Our story started with our first born son who was always seen rocking just one or no socks - and this wasn't a fashion statement! Our little squish had crazy newborn kicks and he would kick his socks off regularly. When he started to crawl, the socks would gradually slide down his foot until completely coming off, at which point our puppy would claim them as his chew toy. (never to be seen again!) As parents and caregivers alike know, it can be such a nuisance to constantly be pulling back up or putting back on your little one's socks throughout the day, and we were inspired to fix this issue.

We did our research to discover there were little to no options on the market for stay-in-place socks that felt soft, were made with natural, more sustainable fibres compared to synthetics, and that actually stayed on.  We also noticed the lack of neutral sock options, which often resulted in having the perfect outfit for our kiddo, to then only have rainbow stripe socks that clashed and ruined the whole look. 
Fast forward to today, and we are proud to offer nolo socks to little ones everywhere!